Summer Tango Fest Bodrum is the partnership of istanbulTANGO, Tangoloji Dance studio and Tango Omega Bodrum. The aim of the festival is to join Tango and Holiday in a summer resort with sun and sea. This is the reason why we choose Bodrum as the festival city.

    … The Festival will be in Bardakci Bay; one of the beautiful places of Bodrum.

    Perhaps the modern name for this small bay derives from Bardakci’s claim as the site of the ancient fountain of Salmakis. Legend has it that here, in a clear pool; Hermaphrodites became so enamoured of his own reflection that the nymph of the pool joined their bodies in one forever, the Hermaphrodite. Today Bardakci features luxury hotels, small pensions and varied seaside restaurants surrounding a sandy beach.Salmakis_Bardakci

    Do you know what is waiting for you in Summer Tango Fest Bodrum?

    - Legendary Boat Trip
    – Amazing Milongas till morning 
    – Free day milongas near the pool
    – In the afternoon, workshops of Chacarera, Rueda, Cumbia
    – Performances and Classes from worlwide Argentinian and Turkish Maestros
    – Performance of Guest Artists
    – Best DJ’s from all over the world
    – Historical tour to Ephesus and The house of the Virgin Mary
    and more.. 

    Summer Tango Fest is not only a festival of dance but it also joins holiday, historical tours and friendship combining with the dance.