After working together with some of the important instructors seperately, Eşref and Vanessa, bot are

_MG_5558accepted and respected as ones of the most important figures in Turkish tango history, came up to

become partners as they discover the similarities of their perspective of tango and in a very short

period of time, they have become a source of inspiration for many people.

Their dance contains the elegance of the traditional tango as well as the innovative musical

understanding of the new era.

As teachers they find ways to help their students to discover and improve their own essance while

they make it much more easier to learn all those things which seems to be complicated in a

comfortable environment.

Eşref has a background in engineering and Vanessa, who has been living a life full of dance since she

was 5 (classical balet, ballroom dances, jazz, swing, salsa, tango), has a background in biology. Having

their own experiences in science made them curious about the possibilities and gained them analytic

approach. You can see these characteristics when you watch their unique dance full of surprises.